Unwoman - The Snowstorm Official Music Video

Let's begin with music videos. I can work with any budget - or sometimes without one! Using my creativity and imagination I can make a suggestion for an interesting and memorable movie. If you have ideas of your own that you would like me to implement, I can definitely help you in a professional manner.

I created this music video for Erica Mulkey aka Unwoman, a gorgeous gothic Steampunk cello player and singer/songwriter. We didn't have much time to work on it but are very pleased with the results. It took us two days to shoot it and then put it together and add some gothic elements. You can watch it here:

Please visit Unwoman's website and watch other videos of hers.



“Umka and Bronevik”

When I was a student back in Russia, I used to listen to the wonderful “Umka and Bronevik” rock band. I used their song for my first stop motion video. I do know that this video looks quite naïve, however, I do love it no matter what. 

Additionally, this cartoon won a fan music video competition, which later appeared to connect Umka and Bronevik and me in person. As a result, I shot another simple music video, however, this time it featured a live band.

Buhlaw "Крыса"

This video was made for Igor Vinokur (1977-2012), a Russian musician who used to live in Chicago

Promo Video

I can totally do something short, but eye-catching, whether it is an upcoming event, show or a music band. 

Documentary Films

I do try to capture every moment of your event with my camera, which later allows you to see it from different perspectives. I have worked on many documentary films in the USA -- conventions, concerts -- and have met many remarkable people. Here are just a few of them.


Using two cameras to capture concerts. It is always helpful to use a second camera - and I prefer to do that. After a shot, I can work on every song if you want to upload it to Youtube, or I can offer you a DVD with your concert in full.





Every videographer has shot a wedding or a birthday - even if only once. My videos are filled with happiness and romance, and will always remind you of your special day.